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I like it!
The best part is probably the creativity of the used sounds (f.e this "piano" at 1:05, more noticable around 1:35 and that thing in the backround starting at 0:22) which I really enjoyed!
However there are two main factors I don`t like:
1.) The Synth lead has some very high frequencies which are very apparent from 1:20 until the end. Also the lead gets buried underneath the "piano" during the end portion of the song (1:30-1:48). These pianos are pretty loud especially compared to the lead.
2.) The main part (the "drop" 0:43) sounds kinda off everytime I listen to it. The main problem are the Hihats which, instead of giving a constant rhythm, have these weird triplett rhythms(?). It sounds very off (atleast in my opinion).

Hopefully this review has some useful things for you!

Decrodoggo responds:

Alright thanks man, I'll try to really Improve off of that stuff. Thank you for your feedback.

So good!

So far I really like it!

I like the track!
The atmosphere who've created with the reverb/delay on the piano and the clave (well I think it's a clave) is cool. I especially love the subtle fade-ins on the claves. The outro is cool too, mainly because I love it when there are two different melodies going on at the same time.
The mixing is probably the biggest problem I have with the track, which explains a lot that you didn't mix it yet.
The only legitimate gripe I have right now is that there is no real climax or built up to one specific point.
The "energy" or "excitement" from 1:15-1:43 stays pretty much the same. A built up (like making the strings increasingly louder or adding a cymbal "riser") would fit pretty well even if it goes directly into a more quiet part.

Yo this is sooo HHHYYYPPPEERRRR!!!!
Really like the synth lead, that epic choir(?) near the end and the pianist that drank too much coffee. Maybe try to widen that synth lead (f.e. duplicating it and putting one on the right and one on the left side) because it sounds like it's more infront of you rather than inside of/around you.

The main thing I dislike is the bass. It sounds really off at times especially around the 0:37-0:47 part. The mixing in general is kinda weird at times. Near the beginning from 0:25-0:35 is a good example for that. You have this "slow" intro where you can hear every single instrument pretty clear and then you get hit in the face by that synth, piano, kick drum, cymbal and choir that all blend together so you don't really hear them clearly. It sounds better near the end from 2:01.

...But the part from 1:50 until the end makes up for everything! I love it so much with that cool lead melody, the choir, the pumping kick drum and that pianist!
All in all a very cool song with some minor problems in the production (In my opinion)!

CrispyCroc responds:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review, it means a lot to me :) Yeah I agree that looking back, I could have made a lot of things better mixing-wise. I'll definitely keep this in mind for my future productions <3

It would fit very well in a Animal Crossing game.

It feels like music for a mechanical spaceship (as weird as it sounds). The lead synth, the arpeggios and the static drums make it feel really alien and robotic but not weird, which is probably this hard to explain feeling of yours.

Love It!

Very atmospheric. I really liked the first 30 sec of this track with these floating chords and that perc thingy but it doesn´t go anywhere...
The rest is just adding a new drum element every fourth bar. There is no real melody or lead sound (technically the synth at 0:44 but it only plays the same 4 notes over and over and over) and the chords don´t change either. The best thing about this track are definitly the drums and percussion. Near the end there are these snares(?) with some reverb in the backround which give this track a lot of energy and sound cool.
The main thing lacking is variaty and experimentation which is admittedly pretty difficult to do when using a new DAW. Maybe work on some tracks, maybe even rearrange some of your older tracks in FL Studio just so you have a better understanding of this programm.

In conclusion: An atmospheric track that sadly doesn´t go further than just some basic ideas.

P.S: Sorry for over-analysing this track/demo. Had nothing better to do

Natcl23 responds:

Yea i know, i plan on adding stuff later on, but originally i was planning on making it pretty simple too so yea, though im also making something else that, if i ever finish it, could be my best one so far, so look forward to it, but not too much

So incredibly good! Giving me a lot of Iglooghost vibes! Keep it up!

Hi! I´m just some random guy making all kinds of music for the internet.
Hope you enjoy!

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